Friendship PB Wedding Why Taking Care of Your Wedding Dress is Important

Why Taking Care of Your Wedding Dress is Important

Life is unbelievably fast these days compared to any time in the past. While staying abreast with the fast pace people do care about investments. Whether it is investing for old age, investing in a cutting-edge gadget at home or investing into relationships – investment is something that modern life cannot afford ignoring. Marriage itself is one of the biggest investments that one makes in a lifetime. One of the requirements in filling for a marriage registry Sydney is social distancing, funny but we need to live with it.

The appreciations of this investment are many including kids, financial security and ofcourse happiness. In addition to that there is another investment, particularly for women, under the ‘marriage’ category and that is their wedding gown. Down the timeline when you browse through your wedding album one of the most prominent things there you’ll find is your bridal gown.

Even most of your guests remember the most memorable day of your life from the dress that you wore at the event. Both an emotional and financial investment Wedding dress is one of the major expenses for any bride. On an average a woman spends anywhere between $2,000 and $2,500 on her wedding gown itself. Any newlywed with a sound, healthy mind usually spends as much money in the first year of marriage on a host of other things like home furnishings, kitchen appliances and clothing.

These other investments that she makes involve effort to keep those lasting down the timeline. For example the kitchen stove has to be kept spotlessly clean, dresses are to be stored carefully so that they stay in shape longer and the furnishings require vacuuming at short and regular intervals. Similarly she should also spare a few minutes from her busy schedule regularly to take care and provide maintenance to her bridal gown. This is important because knowingly or unknowingly every bride develops a strong emotional attachment with the merchandise item.

Need for maintenance

You may or may not realize it but it is very usual, particularly for white wedding gowns , to pick up unsightly stains during the happening moments of the wedding day. Dirt catches up on the hemline of the majestic dress from the dance floor. Grass stains cling to it from outdoor photo shoots. The wedding cake is another major factor that leaves unwanted stains on bridal dresses. in addition to all the factors mentioned above let’s for forget the sweat and the oil your body secretes also take a toll on these items. Most of these stains are neither very prominent nor major. In fact most are not even visible to the naked untrained eyes when they’re fresh. However in course of time they turn yellowish when left untreated. Therefore the only way to avoid these unwanted developments on a gown that occupies a very special part in your heart is never to neglect it once the wedding gets over.

Reasons to invest effort and time on wedding gowns after wedding There are more reasons than one why it is a smart move to care for your bridal dress and maintain it properly for the rest of your life once the wedding gets over, assures designers working on some of the best wedding dresses in the recent times. Let’s explore those factors in the following sections.

  1. A loved one may choose to wear the dress again – If you’re a smart bride with a tasteful choice then chances are high you select a dress that is not only elegant in design but also timeless and classic in appeal. One day your daughter or granddaughter will have the chance to slip into your classically styled gown in her wedding moments.
  2. Sharing a memory becomes a matter a pride – Suppose you didn’t take care of your wedding gown over the years. Then day you just feel like share the memories of your wedding day with your kids or grand children; so you bring out a yellowed, worn out dress from the closet. Imagine how pathetic that would be and crestfallen your audience will feel.

Hope by now you’re convinced how important it is to take care of your wedding dress so that you can pass it on to someone very close as an heirloom. has a complete guide for your wedding in NSW.

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