Friendship PB News The 5 Most Common Pregnancy Tummy Aches and How You Can Relieve Them

The 5 Most Common Pregnancy Tummy Aches and How You Can Relieve Them

As a new parent, your body will be asking for something different from the type of sleep you’re used to getting. Perhaps your workload has increased, or your baby is changing size or gender. Maybe you’re pushing yourself too hard or are feeling exhausted after a long day at work. It’s time to reflect on how you’re handling the challenges of parenthood and learn how you can better cope with each other’s exhaustion. After the hardships on how to get pregnant these follows next:

The Braxton Hicks contraction

The Braxton Hicks contraction is a paradoxical situation in which an otherwise cohesive whole suddenly unravels into disarray. In the Hicks situation, the parts that remain tend to be of low value to the participant. It can be disconcerting to realize that you have so many autonomous options open to you; it is not easy to decide what course to follow. But this is the only way in which the available options can be effective options—because they are “”suboptimal”” options.

Sore and swollen ankles

Many women experience sore and swollen ankles at some point during their pregnancy. This happens because the joints in your feet are expanding and contracting as you walk. Itching and burning irritation behind your ankles can also occur. In some cases, doctors can prescribe painkillers to reduce the intensity of this pain. If you keep touching your ankles, however, the area around your ankles may start to hurt more and more frequently. Therefore, if you keep your ankles inflamed, it may lead to an increased risk of injury when you play sports or exercise equipment.

Back aches

Numbness and pins and needles can be a part of pregnancy. This is normal and expected. However, if you are experiencing back pain, your pain could be greater than usual. This is due to an accumulation of pressure on the nerves in your legs, hips, and back. Lancing (breaking a leg) can worsen the condition and could require you to see a doctor about possible nerve damage. Pain medications can help relieve the pressure on those areas, but it is important to note that not all pain medications are appropriate for pregnant women or children.

Heartburn and indigestion

Heartburn and indigestion (also known as morning sickness or vomiting sickness) are both uncomfortable and may cause upset to the baby. The best way to avoid these symptoms is to avoid eating foods that cause stomach upset during pregnancy. Here are some foods to avoid during pregnancy that can cause stomach upset.

Frequent urination

One of the most common health problems in pregnant women is frequent urination. Pregnant women often have no control over when they urinate. Sometimes they will just pass out during their flow. Sometimes they will need to go to the bathroom as often as every few minutes. It is important to know the signs of pregnancy so that you can take preventative measures. If you experience frequent urination during pregnancy, or if you are passing out or becoming uncomfortable during your daily activities, contact your doctor immediately. Checking out with your Obyn Doctor is very important for pregnant mothers.

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