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Teaching Skills Required For A Pilates Instructor

With more than 8 million learners across the globe, Pilates is one of the fastest growing communities of exercise lovers. There are Pilates club, clinics, and exercise joints where you can enroll to learn Pilates. After you complete the Pilates instructor course, you need to ask yourself several questions – are you more interested in conducting one-to-one classes or group cases? Or do you want to be involved with both? Next you need to ask whether you are interested in free hand Pilates or the equipment based one? Or will it be a combination of both?

If you are offering group classes, as a Pilates instructor you will be required to adhere to a sequence of exercises so that your learners receive a balanced whole body workout. In case of private sessions, you should offer customized sessions to meet the client’s requirements. If you see most of the trainers offer a combined solution were they offer fixed classes as well as customized one. If you opt for this one you will get better work opportunities as you have more than one option. Moreover, most of the Pilates institutes require trainers who are skilled in both.

Teaching Skills required for a Pilates Instructor

While in-depth teaching skills is required for Pilates training, one should practice it as well but the skills required for public and private training is different.

Basic Skills of a Successful Group Pilates Instructor:

  • The instructor needs to be motivated and energetic
  • There should be a clear understanding of pace and the rhythm required
  • Keep the workout safe and balanced as well
  • Should be open to modify the training as per the individual.
  • Encourage all the learners to participate
  • Passionate about his job

Basic Skills of a Successful Private Pilates Instructor:

  • Offer customized solutions so that the learner can establish, achieve, and manage their goals.
  • Understand the client need and offer personalized plans to meet their requirement
  • You should be a good listener and attentive as well
  • You should show compassion at all times
  • You should be persistent in your approach
  • You should self motivate at all times

You should constantly go on learning so that you can teach your clients better. The aim is to practice and practice more so that you excel as an instructor. Initially, you can join a gym and teach the participants there. Once you create an image, you can set up your own training institute. As already discussed, Pilates is one of the most demanding forms of exercises that we know of. A career in this means a bright future. If you have the knack for it and would like to go ahead, we suggest that you complete your Pilates instructor course first before you attempt everything. At the end of the day, everyone wants to learn from a certified practitioner. The demand for certified experts is huge. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get enrolled in the course today. Drop us a mail or call us in the toll free number with your queries, and our experts will assist you.